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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Long Friday Lunch

It's a Friday. What are Fridays for? Having fun, of course!

This past Friday, I had a very special treat. Four of us crazy, fun ladies got to have lunch together. This is a special treat right now because one of the ladies is about five months pregnant and we have not seen much of her lately. She has been having some challenges with the pregnancy and had to postpone taking her exams this past semester. We were used to having lunch together about once a week or so and laughing lots so that has been severely missed.

We met downtown at 1pm. BBQ joint. We didn't misbehave there too much and had left by 3pm (had to feed the meters!!). Then we did a little browsing at a cutesy boutique. Of course, the desire for dessert was then knocking and who can say no to dessert?!

Off to the cookie & ice cream store! Here's where it got fun and loud! A little treat and more laughs than you can imagine. We were so happy to all be together again and just having a big time. Then, about 5pm it started to gully wash. For those of you unfamiliar with the Southern vernacular, that is a pretty hard rainstorm that starts suddenly. We are about thirty inches shy on the rain year to date so that was a welcome sight. However, I was supposed to leave by then so that I could get the kids from daycare. I had to call Kevin to ask him to get them. He was pissed! But he got over it. The worst thing was that it never rained at our house or where the day care is so I am not sure he believed me that it was pouring for over an hour downtown. Honestly, it was!

Anyhow, we had a blast laughing and getting caught up with our friend. She looks great (man, I looked more pregnant than she does at about six weeks) and is feeling better. She barely looks preggers from the front and not at all from the back. It was so awesome to see her!

On the way back to the car, in the rain, in my very thin white capris, my friend from high school that is moving up here called. He thought we had been imbibing. Well, none of us had although if the cookie shop had had alcohol, there's a distinct possibility I would not be saying that! Kevin also thought I was drunk. I suppose the drunk on laughter and good times with friends applies here. That is the best kind! I must say that on Saturday morning I woke up feeling a little hungover! But I swear there was no alcohol involved!

Go laugh a lot! You'll feel better.