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Sunday, August 17, 2008

A New Bicycle!!!!

I just got my first ever NEW bicycle!!! As the youngest of five kids, I had hand me down bikes growing up. But this evening, we bought the boys bikes and I got one too. Can't ride yet since I didn't get a helmet yet. The bike is purple (like all wonderful things)and the only helmets they had that fit me were black & dark, dark blue. Too masculine for a pretty purple bike!

Never mind that I haven't ridden in about two and a half decades. This should be FUN.

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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Long Friday Lunch

It's a Friday. What are Fridays for? Having fun, of course!

This past Friday, I had a very special treat. Four of us crazy, fun ladies got to have lunch together. This is a special treat right now because one of the ladies is about five months pregnant and we have not seen much of her lately. She has been having some challenges with the pregnancy and had to postpone taking her exams this past semester. We were used to having lunch together about once a week or so and laughing lots so that has been severely missed.

We met downtown at 1pm. BBQ joint. We didn't misbehave there too much and had left by 3pm (had to feed the meters!!). Then we did a little browsing at a cutesy boutique. Of course, the desire for dessert was then knocking and who can say no to dessert?!

Off to the cookie & ice cream store! Here's where it got fun and loud! A little treat and more laughs than you can imagine. We were so happy to all be together again and just having a big time. Then, about 5pm it started to gully wash. For those of you unfamiliar with the Southern vernacular, that is a pretty hard rainstorm that starts suddenly. We are about thirty inches shy on the rain year to date so that was a welcome sight. However, I was supposed to leave by then so that I could get the kids from daycare. I had to call Kevin to ask him to get them. He was pissed! But he got over it. The worst thing was that it never rained at our house or where the day care is so I am not sure he believed me that it was pouring for over an hour downtown. Honestly, it was!

Anyhow, we had a blast laughing and getting caught up with our friend. She looks great (man, I looked more pregnant than she does at about six weeks) and is feeling better. She barely looks preggers from the front and not at all from the back. It was so awesome to see her!

On the way back to the car, in the rain, in my very thin white capris, my friend from high school that is moving up here called. He thought we had been imbibing. Well, none of us had although if the cookie shop had had alcohol, there's a distinct possibility I would not be saying that! Kevin also thought I was drunk. I suppose the drunk on laughter and good times with friends applies here. That is the best kind! I must say that on Saturday morning I woke up feeling a little hungover! But I swear there was no alcohol involved!

Go laugh a lot! You'll feel better.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Freak Out Time

As you might remember, I am in school full time & graduating in December. I have been getting nervous about the whole getting a job part coming up. I have not worked since September 2003 (at least not at a paid position!). I have not had a job interview since early 2001.

There was an internship posted at school with a company that I am interested in but for a job out of my realm. I applied for that one. I also applied for another job that a former professor told me about that he had heard about from a former student. Again, out of my realm & requiring a degree, which I still lack.

Imagine my surprise when the first place called last week while we were at the beach for an interview. I had to fill out about twenty pages of the "short" form screen and application. Dang, how long is the long form?? Anyhow, the interview was this morning. OMG, I totally bombed it! It was horrible! And in the middle of it, the guy tells me that I am one of four folks they are interviewing....that made me super nervous. Then I freaked out & couldn't do a good job on the interview. Oh well, it was practice, which I definitely need. The job seems like it would be totally cool too! A real challenge for someone. I really don't think there is anyway I'll get an offer.

This afternoon I was pretty bummed about the bombing. So I was going to take a nap. Then the phone rang. The other company wants an interview! OMG! So that is going to happen on Monday. I'm pretty nervous about it. This is an hour interview she told me with two people for thirty minutes and then a little half-time break and another half hour with two different people. They sent me an interview itinerary. Holy shit....I did not know those existed.

I am totally in freak out mode and my husband is at work where I cannot call him. Argh! I am having a complete freak out.

On a lighter note, a guy I went to middle school & high school with is moving here next month & coming up this weekend to continue looking for his new home. I think we are going to go out with him this week. That might be interesting! We have been emailing & he is such a nice, smart fella.

So....hope you are having a great day!

Monday, May 28, 2007

How Weird Are You????

Today, as I was perusing my friends on Facebook, I came across this link. Of course, having been told I was weird, strange, odd, and unique (that was Leslie Shane, a nice girl that could never say anything mean to anyone!) since I was a youngster, I had to check it out. Since the masthead to this blog says "We're like you, only maybe a little weirder", I thought it might be fun to put that theory to the test! Take the quiz and then report your scores.

Now since I knew I was a little strange, the fact that the quiz confirmed that was no surprise. The score was higher than I anticipated, an 80! 80?! Damn! Who know I was that strange? I really don't think I am that odd but whatever.

What's your score?

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A New Post!!!

Well, it has been pretty quiet on this blog. Where are my fellow bloggers? Losers. Hosers. Big Bad Dorks. I love them, though!

Still looking at cars. Have found the one I want. Now I just have to figure out how to afford it! Maybe I'll win the lottery. I'd like the 335 but Kevin says it is too much for my lead foot. I want it in Montego Blue with the dark Saddlebrown interior. Check it out & let me know if you like it. Drove one a few weeks ago. Man, it is a dream! I love it.

What else? Went to the Tour de Georgia bike race. It was great! I enjoyed seeing all the sexy, fit boy legs everywhere. I have never felt fatter in all my life. Damn! Those cycle folks are super skinny. I must lose some weight. Maybe I should get off my duff & go exercise. Um, no. I have studying to do. But I have been walking twice a week after my night class. Well, it just started last week. You have to start somewhere, right?!

Also have been connecting with some old high school friends. My twentieth reunion is this fall. Actually, I did not graduate from the school that is having the reunion---moved after Freshman year. But I have been invited & look forward to going.

I also look forward to graduation this December! Woo-hoo! Yippee! Yee-freakin'-haw! I have a full load this summer and then 13 hours in the fall. I'll be done! No more school for me. I can't wait. I hope I can get a job. Actually applied for two last week. Have heard nothing. Hate that! Got to get a decent job so that I can afford my car!!

Hopefully everyone in the blogosphere is doing well & maybe things will liven up here soon.


Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Another Dreamy Car

A few months ago, I wrote about the Volvo C70 and how I test drove one. Awesome car! I had a convertible in my younger days and I really miss it. So now there is another possibility in the mix....the VW Eos! Check it out here It is a hardtop convertible with a sunroof! How cool is that?!

Kevin & I went to look at them but did not drive one that day. We were both really impressed. It is a tad smaller than the Volvo but it is not significantly different except for the trunk space. Man, it is a pretty, pretty car! I'll be looking in about two years but until then I'll be dreaming, looking, and researching.

Have a fun day!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Where's the editor?

I am a grammar freak. My friends will tell you that I made some enemies by correcting people's grammar all the time. At our wedding, the pastor said, "And at the request of the bride, please respond 'We shall'" to which my friends and family laughed; Kevin's family was like, "What???"
I just cannot bring myself to say I will and cringe when others use I and me incorrectly and all of that kind of thing. I have quit saying anything (for the most part) but it still gets to me.

You can imagine that I enjoy finding goofs in publications and such. So, here is today's headline:

Gators Make History With Duel Titles
By MARK LONG, AP Sports Writer

Come on, Mark! I mean, it is great that an SEC team did this but are the titles really fighting? Or maybe you meant 'dual'?

Just a little goof for the day!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

It is a new year! I don't find New Year's to be a big deal except that as a football lover, I get to have an overdose of football in one day. Frankly though, with all the bowls and the way they are all spread out over an entire month, it does not inspire me as much as it used to. On the one hand, I get to watch more football over a longer period of time so that the depression that always hits me is not as drastic but it has lost some of its luster considering all the bowls. I hate to say that some are mediocre, but some are mediocre.

Anyway, another funny thing to me is how when I lived in New England, everyone said "Happy New Year!" throughout the month of January if they had not spoken to you yet. No where else have I experienced a "HNY" on January 31st. But you know, they are a different breed up there. Please do not misconstrue that---I loved my time up there & found the people to be incredible! But they are different, just like people in Florida are a little different from any other state's inhabitants. It is true of every place on the planet.

So Happy New Year! Enjoy the new year and may it bring more happiness and health and wealth than you know what to do with!

Maybe I can start on my Christmas cards now.....

Saturday, December 16, 2006


At the midwife's office the other day, I saw this as I was waiting to hit the scales:


A new patient arrived at the doctor's office. The nurse had to ask some routine questions such as, "How tall are you?" The patient replied, "I am five feet, eight inches." When she stepped up to be measured, she was only five feet five inches.

The nurse continued, "What is your weight?" The patient replied, "115 pounds." The scales registered 140 pounds.

The nurse took the patient's blood pressure. She informed her that the reading was high. The patient screamed, "Well of course it is! When I came in here, I was tall and skinny! You've made me short and fat!"

I laughed out loud. Hope you get a kick out of it too.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Three Year Old Musings

Alex, the three and a half year old, is pretty funny. He likes to tell me when I drop him at day care to "be nice to your friends and don't hit your teachers!" before I go to school. He also tells me "Good luck on your tests!" even when I don't have a test. But Monday afternoon on the way home was the conversation to beat it all.....

Alex: "Mama, my penis is itchy."

Me: "Did you clean it last night in the bath?"


"You have to keep it clean and take good care of it. You only get one penis in life so you must take care of it, Alex."

"I want a new penis."

"You can't get a new penis. You only have this one."

"But I want a new penis...a big one like Daddy."

OMG! I about died. Thank goodness I a) did not have anything in my mouth, b) was not visible to him, and c) had an empty bladder (I am sure I would have peed on myself). I was hurting from trying to contain the laughter.

"Well, Alex, Daddy's penis was not always as big as it is now."

"It was little once?"

"Yes, honey. Your penis will grow as you grow up. So relax and take care of growing."

I think we have controlled the situation for now. I can't tell you how difficult if was not to bust out into laughter and tears. Hilarious!