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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Freak Out Time

As you might remember, I am in school full time & graduating in December. I have been getting nervous about the whole getting a job part coming up. I have not worked since September 2003 (at least not at a paid position!). I have not had a job interview since early 2001.

There was an internship posted at school with a company that I am interested in but for a job out of my realm. I applied for that one. I also applied for another job that a former professor told me about that he had heard about from a former student. Again, out of my realm & requiring a degree, which I still lack.

Imagine my surprise when the first place called last week while we were at the beach for an interview. I had to fill out about twenty pages of the "short" form screen and application. Dang, how long is the long form?? Anyhow, the interview was this morning. OMG, I totally bombed it! It was horrible! And in the middle of it, the guy tells me that I am one of four folks they are interviewing....that made me super nervous. Then I freaked out & couldn't do a good job on the interview. Oh well, it was practice, which I definitely need. The job seems like it would be totally cool too! A real challenge for someone. I really don't think there is anyway I'll get an offer.

This afternoon I was pretty bummed about the bombing. So I was going to take a nap. Then the phone rang. The other company wants an interview! OMG! So that is going to happen on Monday. I'm pretty nervous about it. This is an hour interview she told me with two people for thirty minutes and then a little half-time break and another half hour with two different people. They sent me an interview itinerary. Holy shit....I did not know those existed.

I am totally in freak out mode and my husband is at work where I cannot call him. Argh! I am having a complete freak out.

On a lighter note, a guy I went to middle school & high school with is moving here next month & coming up this weekend to continue looking for his new home. I think we are going to go out with him this week. That might be interesting! We have been emailing & he is such a nice, smart fella.

So....hope you are having a great day!


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