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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Since everyone is waiting on the edge of their seats to hear about my Fun night goes.

I started with a little "pre-gaming" at home. My Sexy Mama's are really yummy! Kevin & I shared some cheese & crackers. I love a relaxing night.

We get out the door a few minutes after seven. We are meeting at this new restaurant for appetizers and cocktails before moving on for dinner. Kevin & I walk in and who is the first person we see??? That's right, the pediatrician! We love Dr. Josh! He is totally awesome & his wife is cool too. Of course, Josh is a Georgia boy & I had to ask how he liked the game. He wondered which one. I just meant the Tennessee game (51-33) but then I remembered they had just lost to Vandy last week. Ouch. Us Vol fans know all about that.

Anyway, so we meet up with the gang & it was great. The men all seemed to get along & be interested in each other too. There's always that awkward time when the women all get along & the guys are just staring at each other. Know what I mean?? Happily we did not have that. We just drank & ate & then moved on for dinner for more drinks & food.

There's a great restaurant in Chattanooga, St John's that Kevin & I have enjoyed. One couple suggested we go to the Meeting Place downstairs of the restaurant. Wow! Yummy yummy. For just a middle size city, Chattanooga has some really fantastic restaurants. You know, local joints that offer everything from very casual greasy spoons to fancy smanchy four star places and everything in between.

Anyway, we had a fun night with fun people. Now after about five hours sleep I am going to work at a festival before coming home to watch the Tennessee-Alabama game. This is one of the most storied rivalries in all college football. The Third Saturday in October has a mythical connotation for any Vols or Tide fan. If you love sports, you'd love attending the game in either Knoxville or Tuscaloosa, both beautiful cities with fans like no others. And nearly all of them are polite and respectful of the others! What a concept!

Enjoy your weekend!


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