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Sunday, October 15, 2006

I need some FUN

School is a pain!!! I spent 5 1/2 hours on Friday doing homework....for one class...and I didn't finish it all. I have spent more time today & still have to finish Friday's, which is due tomorrow morning. I need a massage!

Happily, fall break is next Monday & Tuesday. Friday night I am planning a night out with the hubby & two other couples....should be fun. Some drinking, dinner, and maybe dancing. I think we'll even do shots but not tequila or scotch for me. One lady is a tequila gal so there will probably be some tequila in there.

Have a fun week & let's all try to have some fun in there.


  • At 6:00 AM, Blogger Angie Christie said…

    Fun? Where? This week? I don't think so. And it's only Monday....Good luck with all that homework. Yikes!

  • At 4:11 PM, Blogger Judith Aames said…

    My goal is to be drunk, well happily tipsy, by 8pm Friday!!! How lame is that????


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