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Monday, September 04, 2006

Five Questions

1. If you could change something in your personal life with the snap of your fingers, what would it be? (No Miss America answers please)

I should really be nicer to my husband. He's awesome & I am really grumpy to him sometimes. I also wish I had better study habits and more patience. I would cuss less.

2. Who was/is the hottest man/woman in the movies?

George Clooney, Luke Wilson, and Vince Vaughn. Funny, dark hair, and tall is sexy in my book.

Jennifer Garner is a doll with her big dimples. I don't want to sleep with her though.

3. What's your sincerely favorite thing?

Football Saturday in Knoxville; filet mignon perfectly prepared and shared with Kevin and a good bottle of red wine; snuggles from any of my three guys; deep tissue massage; taking communion with Kevin and the boys.

4. Your happy place?

Neyland Stadium when it is rocking, aimless drives with some good music blasting, sitting in my oversize chair with a good book or one of the boys, holding hands with Kevin.

5. Pet peeve?

Like AE, I have a bunch. A few: Drivers in the fast lane going ten miles under the speed limit (why did you bother to leave your house?), drivers that do not get out of the right lane on the interstate when there is nothing in the other lanes & people are trying to get onto the interstate from a ramp, drivers that do not wave "Thank you!" when you do let them over, people that block the intersections, people that do not say thanks when you hold the door for them, people that will not return your smile or "Good morning", grumpy people (yes, I know this includes me), rude football fans, stupid people who think they are smart, judgemental people, people that do not recycle.
That's a good start but certainly not a complete list.



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