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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Another Dreamy Car

A few months ago, I wrote about the Volvo C70 and how I test drove one. Awesome car! I had a convertible in my younger days and I really miss it. So now there is another possibility in the mix....the VW Eos! Check it out here It is a hardtop convertible with a sunroof! How cool is that?!

Kevin & I went to look at them but did not drive one that day. We were both really impressed. It is a tad smaller than the Volvo but it is not significantly different except for the trunk space. Man, it is a pretty, pretty car! I'll be looking in about two years but until then I'll be dreaming, looking, and researching.

Have a fun day!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Where's the editor?

I am a grammar freak. My friends will tell you that I made some enemies by correcting people's grammar all the time. At our wedding, the pastor said, "And at the request of the bride, please respond 'We shall'" to which my friends and family laughed; Kevin's family was like, "What???"
I just cannot bring myself to say I will and cringe when others use I and me incorrectly and all of that kind of thing. I have quit saying anything (for the most part) but it still gets to me.

You can imagine that I enjoy finding goofs in publications and such. So, here is today's headline:

Gators Make History With Duel Titles
By MARK LONG, AP Sports Writer

Come on, Mark! I mean, it is great that an SEC team did this but are the titles really fighting? Or maybe you meant 'dual'?

Just a little goof for the day!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

It is a new year! I don't find New Year's to be a big deal except that as a football lover, I get to have an overdose of football in one day. Frankly though, with all the bowls and the way they are all spread out over an entire month, it does not inspire me as much as it used to. On the one hand, I get to watch more football over a longer period of time so that the depression that always hits me is not as drastic but it has lost some of its luster considering all the bowls. I hate to say that some are mediocre, but some are mediocre.

Anyway, another funny thing to me is how when I lived in New England, everyone said "Happy New Year!" throughout the month of January if they had not spoken to you yet. No where else have I experienced a "HNY" on January 31st. But you know, they are a different breed up there. Please do not misconstrue that---I loved my time up there & found the people to be incredible! But they are different, just like people in Florida are a little different from any other state's inhabitants. It is true of every place on the planet.

So Happy New Year! Enjoy the new year and may it bring more happiness and health and wealth than you know what to do with!

Maybe I can start on my Christmas cards now.....