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Friday, September 08, 2006

Pet Peeve

Wow - you've all been keeping busy while I was gone. Nice reading to come back to!

So, I was traveling the last two days and came up with another pet peeve. I know we finished that list last week, but, hey, indulge me.

People who smoke in enclosed areas or areas where they are not supposed to just piss me off! I'm headed to the airport and stop at the free standing ATM. Walk in and YUCK! Someone before me had been smoking. Excuse me - those things do not air out for days! There is no ventilation in them. UCK.

Then, I'm in the airport yesterday. Which one.....Dulles, I think. Yes, Dulles. Anyway, same thing - some chick was 'smokin' in the girls room'. What's the stupidest part of that? Other than the sign, in the bathroom, telling you not to the fact that the designated smoking room is DIRECTLY ACROSS FROM THE BATHROOM! Seriously, people. Have a little consideration.

Off to work now....didn't get home until 12:30am and not to sleep until well after 1:30am....didn't walk this morning but I'll be to work on time. There is something wrong with that, isn't there?

Happy Friday, y'all!


  • At 7:01 AM, Blogger Annie Ehrenberg said…

    Hey Donna -
    I know a lot of people who smoke and I bartended for long enough to not really care BUT there is smoking ediquette that needs to be followed.
    1. No smoking in an enclosed area
    2. Don't smoke in front of kids.
    This one does have one exception. If a parent takes a child to a bar that smoking is allowed, they may not get cranky about people not refraining from smoking because their kid is there.

    There's a few other ones, but all in all it all comes back to those two.



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