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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Is Katie Couric Taking Over the World?

I have yet to catch the dinnertime newscast with Katie Couric, though it's not because I haven't heard about the new position Miss Perky has attained. I am glad a woman has conquered the Good Ol' Boys club of newscasters, though I'm not sure I like some of the aspects that have gone along with her noteworthy position.

I can't stand the fact that the press photo of her was altered so dramatically it made her "lose" about thirty pounds. Granted, I did hear that the photo department got a little slap on the wrist and won't do it again. What is that telling women? I think it's a crock because I look at some of the models in the trashy girl mags that I read and they are disgusting! I was further upset by the fact that Katie didn't really say much about the whole ordeal. I kind of hoped she would have a Jamie Lee Curtis reaction. If you are unaware, JLC is rad because she won't let magazines airbrush her anymore. She doesn't like the message it sends to little girls. Doesn't Katie Couric have a daughter? Granted, I didn't expect her to write a series of children's books or anything, I just thought she would have taked a wee bit more of a stand. Maybe she isn't the person I want her to be. What's up with that?

I also found it amusing that when I got online this morning that "New on Google" has a thing where I can get the Katie Couric newscast on my DESKTOP! You don't say! You mean to tell me that I can have All Katie All The Time? No way! They never offered that to me with Dan Rather or any other newscaster for that matter. My question is this. Are they exploiting Katie Couric? Is Katie stuck between a rock and a hard place?

On another entertainment note. SURI CRUISE MAKES HER DEBUT! and boy is she cute! I love the hair. I'll definately go and pick up Vanity Fair today. . . read all about the Cruise's. According to the trashies, Katie wants out. I'll keep you posted. I'm the gal who wears the shirt SAVE KATIE.



  • At 11:44 AM, Blogger Judith Aames said…

    Katie Couric did say that she did not like the airbrush because there was less of her to love. I don't get why they airbrushed her in the first place. The media!!

    I remember when JLC did her pose in her underthings only to show what she really looked like. It was a very cool article & made me like her even more.

    Tom Cruise is a FREAK.

  • At 4:58 AM, Blogger Angie Christie said…

    I agree about 'all katie, all the time'. Now if it was someone's daughter, katie (ehem, sir...), then that's fine. However couric has always bothered me. I'm a diane sawyer morning person and I love, love, love meredith viera. katie I can take or leave. I'd rather leave...

  • At 6:17 PM, Blogger Annie Ehrenberg said…

    Hey Judith - I heard that too and I just didn't think it was enough. I was hoping she would have been "outraged" or used some harsher words. She was a little pansy about it in my book. A little to Paris Hilton if you know what I mean.
    Did you hear what BK said about Paris? Man, she is a hoot!


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